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Well, you have made it to this page so u obviously the site...5088
I hate these little paragraphs which try to tell me what to say it is so ANNOYING

Just one of the things on my Christmas list...

Yeh i know its not christmas but mite as well leave plenty of time for all my frendz to buy me what i really want...

Sister number 2
well its not red, but black is second best...
The third sensational sister
Who today comes in her Rupert the Bear costume
I wouldn't like to be on the end of her wrath...
(or wood I?)
its the gruesome twosome
Cant remember if this photo is somewhere else but anyway...
A masked crusader?
Looking good despite all of the computer pixels. No bad achievement...
Ahhhhh... its good to see two such good friends making friendly gestures...
Who do u think is the prettiest? Check out the poll on my homepage for the latest public opinion
Fresh-faced young beau seeks boyfriend
Preferably tall, very intelligent and with red hair please. Oh you have one!Cool....
Spaghetti head
if only ebony had realised that being evil would lose her Bray...and millions of possible fans
How to attract male attention
You open your mouth slightly, so they can see your tongue then lean forward like this... a perfect figure and amazing babe factor is all that is neeeded to pull this off. Easy really.
Beth and Baby
How convincing is that "baby?"
Of course we know that the broken-hearted one makes a return... will she be out for revenge on Pride?
Cute farm girl
Does the young, fresh-faced look suit Ellie or does the city chic rule? Record your thought in the guestbook.
doesnt she just look so much better in leather than the weird house-wife look?